Friday, 6 April 2012

My postcard for the W project exhibition at the KK outlet has just been featured on their blog, where they asked me some questions about it:

Today our Words of Wisdom artwork comes from Rose Blake…enjoy!
Describe a bit about yourself and your work?
I am an illustrator based in London. I am a part of the THIS IS IT collective and I run the website STUDIO MUSIC.
What are your words of wisdom and why?
My words of wisdom are ‘Dance on Art’… It means that you should live comfortably and have fun with art.
Who is your role-model? My godmother, Barbara Daly.
Upcoming projects?
I am just finishing designing a T-shirt for the musician Robyn Hitchcock, regularly doing small paintings on hardboard for my playlist/painting site ( and making sure there are two great artists playlists every monday on Studio Music. There are also some exciting possible projects for This Is It in the pipeline.

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