Friday, 24 August 2012

I was recently interviewed by Twin Magazine about Studio Music. Here is the interview in full:

Twin has long-term love for Rose Blake, having featured her way back in issue one. But while we’re fans of her illustrations, we also love a good playlist and we’ve recently been checking out Rose’s side project Studio Music. With contributions from creatives from fields as wide as the Grand Canyon, it’s a brilliant insight into what makes people tick.
Twin spoke to Rose about the site…
You’re an illustrator by day, why did Studio Music happen and what’s it all about? 
I started Studio Music while I studying at the RCA, and feeling quite uninspired about it. I talked about the idea to my friend Joe Pochodzaj and he agreed to design the site and handle all the web stuff. It evolved into being my showpiece at the RCA… I chose not to show any illustration, which was a bit of a big decision for me!
Basically it came about as I share a studio with 10 people, and we always seem to listen to the same stuff. I just wondered what other people listen to while working… pretty simple concept really.
 It’s interesting as its not a definitive top 10, so people always interpret the brief really differently. It’s less precious.
How do you decide who to ask for a playlist?
I research quite a lot. I’m always asking people for recommendations too.
Is that really Kevin Spacey’s playlist?
Harry Hill’s a bit of a catch too…
That’s the nice thing about the site. We have playlists from people all across the creative spectrum: from Tracey Emin and Stella McCartney to people that are just starting out.
Are any tunes banned from the site!?
No, we don’t censor people’s mixes.

What do you play in your own studio?
Because I work in a shared studio, we tend to put on the same stuff like Paul Simon- Graceland, Fleetwood Mac, Hot Chip, The Stones, LCD Soundsystem… nothing too offensive!
What do you listen to if you want to be productive?
I like listening to Bowie, The Everly Brothers, Talking Heads, Otis Redding, Robyn Hitchcock… Elton John! I’m listening to this album called Rough Mix by Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane a lot at the moment. I also make myself loads of mixes that you can hear here.
This seems like a lot of work – what do you do to chill?
Um… I like good food, drink, reading, painting, going out.

Who’s your favourite band/musician right now?
Delicate Steve!

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