Monday, 1 July 2013


Last week I worked on this package for The Boston Globe, accompanying lots of articles about baby boomers in America.

Top - Bottom:
Rethinking The Golden Years: Opening article characters and motorbike spot  
Downsizing Doomsday: Why some experts worry a mass sell-off of sprawling suburban homes could stall the housing market.
On (and on and on) The Job: Despite reaching social security age, a generation is finding the new secret to a happy retirement: don't.
My Mother, Our New Life: Personal essay about the high costs of caring for an elderly parent.
Two's Company, Three's Even Better: When it comes to living arrangements, boomers are determined to get by with a little help from their friends.

I also found out that they had chosen to go for an illustrated cover while I was working on these.

This was a great job to work on, as the art director was really up for playing with integrating the illustrations into the text. 

Even though we had quite a short time to turn this round, I think the layouts have worked really nicely.

Here is the opener lady with a cooler haircut. I also managed to dress her in a Margaret Howell shirt that I want, and a nice Sophie Hulme handbag!

Here are the illustrations in print:

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